Farming solutions by CoimaGroup

Experts in solutions for the industry field We manufacture personalized plants upon request for the storage and the transport of agro-food material, mostly grits.

Storage on Fabric Silos

Antistatic fabric Silos represent a flexible and low budget option
for the storage of foodstuffs in powder or granules form.
They are suitable for indoor installation and can be personalized in terms
of measurements to optimize the available space.
Silos show a modular metal structure, together with a big bag made of antistatic
and breathable fabric, ensuring an easy transport and installation process.
The storage capacity of the Silos is between 23 and 60 m3.
They are also made of filtering material to separate the air from the product during the pneumatic loading process.
Fabric Silos require little maintenance.
The product extraction happens using vibrating bottoms which can be easily connected
to pneumatic or mechanic extraction systems.

Storage on Stainless Steel Silos

They are designed with a fluidised base for an indoor grain storage to allow an
effective product extraction.
Stainless Steel Silos are always created upon request so that they can be easily adapted
to the available space thanks to modular options which are also leading
to an easy transport and installation process.
Their capacity is between 43 and 50 m3.

Transport Systems

You can choose between many transfer options, which can be completely personalized according
to the situation and need:
-mechanical version with a cochlea conveyor
-version with pneumatic transport.

Grinders for seed and grains

Designed following the highest building and security standards, Coima grinders represent an effective option for shredding and reducing the volume and granulometry of seeds and grains. The strength of its structure and components makes it durable. Thanks to an electronic control with PLC, the grinder automatically runs the processes.

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