Biomass boiler for hot water or steam production, automatic feed through fixed grid or mixed

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Designed and built for the use of biomass. The supporting structure has a horizontal design and is built with sturdy steel sheets which can resist to thermal stresses and high pressure thrust thanks to tensile bars.
The wet walled large-volume combustion chamber is fitted with side entrances for the distribution of combustion air, and with an openable door for the manual loading of large size fuel and for the periodic cleaning of the grate.
The whole combustion chamber is lined with high-quality refractory bricks rich in alumina content (65%) to achieve a high temperature (between 800 and 1200° C), thus optimizing the combustion.

The smoke-circuits horizontal heat exchanger is made with sturdy steel tubes immersed in water and their geometry ensures the best thermal exchange and performance.

The boiler burner with movable inclined grid is powered by a hydraulic pusher for the combustion of bark, wood chips, moist sawdust. The inclined grids are moved by a piston via a hydraulic control unit. The material moves down and dries and is completely burnt without leaving unburnt residues.

The mixture of air and fuel is handled continuously through an automatic feeding system with variable flow rate and, at the same time, the combustion air is evenly distributed in the various combustion zones, ensuring high efficiency in the whole thermal cycle.

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