Centrifugal separator


Centrifugal dust separators, ideal for filtering medium to large particles. The filtration of the particles is due to the centrifugal force obtained by the spiralling motion that comes imposed on the treated fluid as it passes through it; the particles, having a greater inertia than gas, will tend to hit the walls of the outermost cylinder and will fall to the bottom of the cone, where a recovery hopper is placed.
The particles are discharged into a sealed, wheeled container or by gravity through a rotary valve.
The cyclone is supported by steel blocks or by a customized support, e.g. in case of installation on an existing silo or in case of emptying on an open skip.
The proposed configurations provide for the use of the cyclone in depression, therefore the fan is on the clean air side.
Also available in a version with higher retention efficiency (in case of filtration of finer particles).

NOTES: Support for emptying in open skip on request

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