Sleeve filter for fumes filtering

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Sleeve filter for high temperatures, made of galvanized steel or sturdy stainless steel, for installation to be done inside or outside the heating system.
Available in three different filtering materials (aramid, PTFE, and stainless steel) chosen depending on the type of fumes to be treated, moisture, emissions level to be guaranteed and operating temperature. It can be equipped, if necessary (optional), with an automatically controlled bypass system to protect it from high temperature peaks.
The cleaning system is through pneumatic backwash, with tanks placed outside the filter and covered by a casing. The collection of ash is made with bins in the case of small size filters or with a conveyor screw on long filters. Two versions are available: one provides a galvanized steel filter, while the other has all the filter internal parts in stainless steel. The 50 mm rock wool insulation layer, if present, always includes a coating in galvanized steel.
Finally, these filters are designed to have limited height (4.6m) so that they can also be taken into sheds, greenhouses or power stations.

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