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Used in any type of plant where it is necessary to reduce the volume of solid waste, allowing – in the case of wood – to use the waste in automatic feeding heaters.
Designed and constructed to withstand heavy duty processing cycles, it guarantees high productivity and reliability over time.

Equipped with PLC electronic panel with special functions for automatic shutdown in the absence of feeding material, reverse mode in the event of excessive consumption, and rotor speed control by inverter (optional).
The cutting tools fastened with screws are reversible, the tool holders are bolted (not welded) and they are interchangeable.
It is also possible to have a lateral discharge through conveyor screw or suction discharge to be connected to central vacuum system or to transfer suction system.
You can add the high efficiency magnetic iron separator to trap any metal components present in the ground wood.

Power: 11 to 90 kW
Productivity: from 150 to 2500 kg/h

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