Dust filter with pneumatic backwash cleaning with compressed air

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Cartridge filter, made of sturdy galvanized metal sheet for outdoor installations. Ideal for the filtration of very fine particles too, and not only for the wood industry but also for the for the agri-food-metal-plastic sectors.

Equipped with:
filtering battery (in the upper part) with pneumatic cleaning system by means of countercurrent compressed air jets which, thanks to a programmable control unit, automatically controls the cleaning of the filter cartridges depending on the degree of clogging, with active suction;
lower hopper for the collection and discharge with motorized conveyor screw and rotary valve (or direct discharge in bins on wheels), portholes and indicators of safety level;
step irons, platform on the roof with airtight large doors fitted with gas struts for easy access to the upper level of the filtering battery during maintenance operations;
– Atex explosion-proof panels and fire ring complete with water sprinklers.

Suitable for operation in both positive and negative pressure.
Models up to 250,000 m3/h of air capacity.

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